A bitter obtained from a skilful infusion process in hydroalcoholic solution. The well balanced roots and officinal herbs, the aromatic plants and citrus fruits give the product a classic, round, harmonious taste with fruity and delicately bitter notes which make it unique in its kind.
It is clear, lively, with a classic carmine and shiny red. It shows some chromatic shades with complementary nuances ranging from blood red to coppery orange.



Color: bright red
Taste: intense and delicately fruity aroma
Alcohol content: 25% vol.
Size: 70 cl

The predominant and unmistakable base note is due to the orange which is harmoniously interwoven with hints of flowers and aromatic plants, as well as amber and spicy notes.

It is pleasantly sweet and soft on the tip of the tongue, as the taste expands we perceive a slight spicy hint given by some spices, in particular by cloves and nutmeg.
Then the typical bitter sensation of the bitter is unleashed and it intertwines with the alcoholic component by smoothing the astringent note of the orange, giving roundness and harmony.

Its perfect mixability makes it an ideal base for the preparation of some classic cocktails such as Negroni, Turin-Milan, Americano and at the same time it can give the right character in the preparation of superior quality cocktails.



3 cl Vermouth Drapò Rosso
3 cl Bitter Tuvè
Tonic Water