A particular Gin that is placed in a narrow niche of products related to Piedmont. We link this distillate to our dear territory using a particular botany, called Genepì, which grows timidly on the highest peaks of the Piedmontese mountains. Our GIN&P is produced entirely within our distillery in small batches in order to be able to take care of every single detail of the production.



Color: transparent and clear
Taste: complex
Alcohol content: 42% vol.
Size: 70 cl

We only use botanicals and natural ingredients, completely excluding chemicals and artificial flavors, thus respecting one of the moral rules of our company. The botanicals are left to macerate with refined grain alcohol and water for a few weeks; subsequently the extract is distilled by using our water bath pot still. We use this method to further improve the quality of the aromas and to enhance the taste of botanicals.

It is transparent and limpid thanks to the rigorous filtering and the distillation process.
The aroma is complex, fresh, floral and all the main ingredients can be clearly recognized. On the palate it is soft and persistent. Fresh notes of juniper are highlighted and blended in balance and harmony with the particular character of Genepì. It is also possible to appreciate a citrus scent brought by the addition of orange peel.

It is an excellent digestive if drunk straight and is also thirst-quenching if you add seltzer or tonic water. In mixing it can add a particular touch to both classic cocktails such as GinTonic and new creations.




3cl gin&p
3cl bitter tuvè
3cl vermouth drapò riserva
slice of orange