A liqueur with a crystalline appearance obtained from the distillation of pure and precious Chios mastiha in alcohol without any added aromas and with a unique and refined taste.



of maceration in alcohol of the resin crystals, the distillation is carried out and, after resting for another three months, it is bottled expressing an alcohol content of 26%.

Thanks to the digestive properties of mastiha, PSYCHIS is a perfect after meal and as main ingredient for exclusive cocktails. PSYCHIS has received prestigious awards all over the world and is certified for consumption by those who follow VEGAN, VEGETARIAN and KOSHER diets.

Composed of a single ingredient, Mastiha, a resinous aromatic sap extracted from Lentisk (Pistacia Lentiscus) through expert cuts on the trunk that induce tearing.

The whole manufacturing process has been carried out exclusively by hand for centuries.